3very 5ix 5econd....

언제였던건지 기억나지 않아
I don't remember from when
자꾸 내 머리가 너로 어지럽던 시작
That my head started to keep thinking of you dizzily
한두번씩 떠오르던 생각
The thoughts would appear once and twice
자꾸 늘어가서 조금 당황스러운 이 마음
The thoughts kept growing so my heart was confused
별일이 아닐 수 있다고 사소한 마음이라고
It could be nothing, It could just be a trivial heart
내가 네게 자꾸 말을 하는 게 어색한걸
Everytime I talked to you, it was awkward
사랑인가요 그대 나와 같다면 시작인가요
Is it love? If your and my thoughts are the same, is it a start for us?

Perhaps Love
Howl & J


my thumb get cut buy the potato blade....
it really hurt....
there a lot of blood come out my thumb ...
it was really pain but icant crybecause [actually i almost cry]
but my mom make me laught....
I suppose to be at my parent's shop....
but i at home and write some random staff her...ehehe
Today is Thursday, 1 April 2010
everybody knows that today is