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비도 안 오는 유리창 넘어 뿌옇게 멀어지는 너
You're receding over the window where it isn't even raining
말처럼 쉽진 않은 널 보내야 한다는 일
Having to let you got is not as easy as a word
돌아서서 날 버리고 가는 널 보지 못하고
I wasn't capable  of seeing you who turned your back to me and abandoned me
떨구고 마는 눈물도 이젠 닦아야겠지
I guess i have to wipe my tears
주머니 속 니가 줬던 손수건을 써야 할 지 이젠 버려야 할지
I can't decide to use or not use the handkerchief that you gave to me
왜 떨림이 멈추질 않지
Why  isn't this shaking stopping

미친척하고 널 잡아 보려 해도 내 몸이 내 말을 잘 듣지를 않아
I want to act crazy and grab you, but my body isn't listening to me
차 안에 남은 니 향기에 취해 영영 깨고 싶지 않은걸
I want to be drunk with your scent that's left in the car. i don't want to wake up
이러지마 제발(제발) 떠나지마 제발(제발)
Please don't(please), please don't leave(please)

Please Don't

one of my good friend suggested to me " J knp nak tunggu ade duit baru boleh hang out with friend just bring some food and choose one place to gather and u can have beautiful momment.. " i pun terpikir knp perlu ke mall kalo kita boleh cipta kngan cara lain kan.. if slalu kluar g bowling, wayang and so on msti boring jugakkan ...thanks too Muhammad Shafiz give this wonderful suggestion... and now the question is how? how i supports to have this kind of meeeting~!! ...
I love to create lot of memories with my friend ...with my best friendS, good friendS and the special one... 
it not that i cant be alone cuz is my personality like to take things so simple... 

i always hold this words with me...

" just enjoy what u have cuz not everyone gets what

have, susah mcm mane pun just enjoy sebab itu

yang akan bantu kita tuk be more confidence in what

 u have and do "  

huuhuhuh ok so kalo i plan this it take a long time to do it so let me think deeply so that i can find somebody to help me...

okay then, so proceed with my holiday life here...huhuhu i think my holiday was greaT... ahhaha jujur dari hati mmg seronok sebab kat sana mmg ade feel mcm family tp to have somebody like my real family is so nice...hahaha... thanks to ALLAH ALHAMDULILAH~!! THANKYOU SO MUCH .... 

To change to become something good is so

 hard but to be bad is so much easier ....