3very 5ix 5econd

안녕이란 말의 슬픈 의미 어두운 그림자는 가려지고
The sad meaning behind the words “good bye” become covered by the dark shadows

내 마음 속 잊어버린 너를 향한 나의 기억
My memories look towards you, who I have forgotten in my heart

너를 찾아서 오에오 날 비춰주는 저 달빛아래로 (저 달빛아래로)
I look for you, oh-eh-oh, below that moonlight that illuminates me (below that moonlight)

그댈 찾아서 오에오오오(오 그대 오 baby)끝이 어딘지 모르겠지만 hey
(어딘지 몰라)
I look for you oh-eh-oh-oh-oh (Oh you, oh baby) I don’t know where the end is but hey
(I don’t know where it is)

Tonight tonight tonight tonight

아직 난 사랑을 몰라 (사랑을 몰라 난) 또 홀로 가여운 이 밤
I still don’t understand love (Don’t understand love, I), pitifully alone once again, tonight

빅뱅 - Tonight


huuuu...the cheorogrfi for this song wass quit nicew..
i learn it slowly..and guess what??...
im done i can dance to this song already..ehhehe
waaaa so happy!!
last sunday i send my friend rui too
her place in pilah ...
waaaaaaa~~ it quit a long time...
miss her so much..
the new experience has teach me something...

at rui house i learn how to make banana cake...
the next day i try to do my self..
i did it...hehehe

i make 2 big banana cake and distribute to my
i was so proud of my self..
and then
i learn to ride a motorbike...
my dad scared of me...
he doesn't want to let me ride it...
anywhere im going to learn it more ...

i need to find a job...
what can i do..emmmm..
it ok...ill find my way soon..
i need to lose some weight ..
ill show to my friend i can lose it...